Vermont Good Wood

Proudly Serves
Fairfield CT and Westchester NY Counties!

Introducing Vermont Good Wood

A fire can be really satisfying, really enjoyable…the glow, the warmth, the atmosphere it creates, the way it draws people together. It’s all good. Vermont Good Wood

"Better Wood, Better Fires, Happier You!”

It’s what Vermont Good Wood is all about…increasing your enjoyment of a great fire. How? By delivering the highest quality kiln dried wood and the most convenient service.

Better Wood. Better Fires. Happier You.

That’s Vermont Good Wood.

Vermont Good Wood for Homes: The Cleaner, Safer Firewood Choice

At Vermont Good Wood, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality kiln-dried firewood in New York and Connecticut to your family at an affordable price. Offering the convenience of home delivered wood that is treated using a different method than standard firewood, Vermont Good Wood is committed to our slogan of “Better Wood, Better Fires, Happier You!” Our products are safe for the home and create enjoyable fires that the whole family will appreciate.

Vermont Good Wood’s kiln dried firewood is different than regular firewood, offering the perfect balance of dryness and energy output to create warm, inviting conditions for your home. Our firewood is some of the best in the area, and you’ll see why from the first time you use it.

Vermont Good Wood is designed to be:

• Always the perfect dryness
• Easier to light and longer burning than standard logs
• 25% more energy output than typical firewood
• Doesn’t smoke or smolder, burns brighter and cleaner
• So clean and bug free you can store it indoors

We offer two choices of Vermont Good Wood, including an initial Full Size Setup of kiln dried firewood in Connecticut or New York for new customers, and a refill size for returning customers and those who already have a wood rack. It’s an affordable way to stock up on high quality firewood for the season. Vermont Good Wood also offers custom order pricing for special deliveries.

Vermont Good Wood is proud to serve a large delivery region, including Fairfield CT, Westchester NY counties and select areas of Manhattan. Deliveries are fast and completed on schedule thanks to our experienced delivery team. With Vermont Good Wood’s Exclusive Home Delivery Services, you can get quick refills of your wood in a matter of days, ensuring that you only have to store what you need or have space for. You never have to worry about running out of wood when refills are just a phone call away!

When you are looking for a high quality wood product to burn at home, look no further than Vermont Good Wood. Our top quality products and affordable pricing makes us the best choice in the area for firewood. Contact our friendly customer service team today to learn more or to place your first order.

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