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Why You Should Consider Using Kiln Dried Firewood in Darien Next Season

It’s going to be a cold one again next winter, and it’s important to be prepared with an ample supply of high quality firewood that won’t let you down once the temperatures begin to drop.  If you are ready to make a plan for getting firewood for the upcoming season, the experts at Vermont Good Wood are here to tell you why you should think about kiln dried firewood in Darien.

Kiln dried firewood has been around for years, but it’s really taken off in popularity as more and more homeowners are searching for more energy efficient, cleaner and “greener” ways of burning fires in their homes in order to stay warm during the cooler fall and winter months.  Today’s fireplaces and stoves need something much more efficient and much cleaner than a standard log, which can be full of moisture, insects and mold.  What they really need is kiln dried firewood, which produces a cleaner burn, less chemical residue and an easier log to light.

If you’ve never used a stove or fireplace before, it’s a good idea to understand the energy efficiency of traditional firewood versus kiln treated logs.  Regular firewood may be cheaper than the alternatives, but it also has a much higher moisture content and it burns at a far less efficient rate than kiln dried logs.  When you consider that less moisture will result in an increased heat output for your fireplace or stove, it’s important to see why kiln dried logs are more efficient in the long run. So be sure to stock up on kiln dried logs in time for the cooling temperatures and long, cold nights.  That way you’ll be prepared with a clean burning option that will keep your home cozy and comfortable, all season long.

What’s the Big Deal About Kiln Dried Firewood in Connecticut?

You may have heard of kiln dried firewood in Connecticut and wondered what makes it so different than regular firewood.  If you’ve only used traditional or untreated firewood, than you are definitely in for a surprise, as kiln dried firewood burns brighter, is much cleaner and is a healthier choice for your home and for the environment.

Firewood that is kiln dried has been completely dried by using a special type of industrial kiln, versus simply letting the logs dry out in the sun over a few months at a time.  Not only does the process of kiln drying firewood ensure a totally dry wood that is in the perfect condition for the best burning, but it also kills off any bugs that may have moved in during the processing of the logs and keeps them from getting into your home.   This makes your firewood lighter to haul, easier to carry to the fire, and easier to burn as well, as there won’t be any moisture to prevent those flames from taking off.

When compared side-by-side, kiln dried firewood burns better than standard firewood and is easy to use in all types of indoor and outdoor fires.   It’s considered a much “greener” option than firewood that isn’t specially treated and it can help heat your home efficiently and safely all season long.  You also won’t find any of the questionable ingredients that some of the compressed logs that you can buy at the grocery store contain, just clean, dry wood that is ready to burn.

Another reason that many homeowners are now choosing kiln dried firewood over regular firewood is that they can store kiln-dried firewood both indoors and outdoors since it’s already dry and free from insects.  That’s just another added convenience that you get when you pay a little more for specialty firewood, as you don’t have to be constantly going out to your firewood stand outside when you can keep an ample supply indoors during the coldest months of the year.