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The Real Difference Between Regular Firewood and Kiln Dried Firewood in White Plains

We hear similar questions about our products all the time, including questions from those that really want to know if there is a difference between regular firewood and kiln dried firewood in White Plains, or if it’s just a fad.  Some even wonder if it’s just a new product designed to trick people into paying more for firewood!  Here at Vermont Good Wood, we have to chuckle at these questions, because they make us realize that people still don’t really understand the differences between kiln dried and traditional firewood that is dried outdoors.  Luckily, the experts are here with some real answers about kiln dried firewood and can help homeowners see why our products truly are different than the rest.

The biggest issue to consider when looking at regular firewood versus kiln dried types is how efficiently your chimney performs when it is building burning the logs.  Regular firewood tends to be much smokier when it’s burning in your fireplace at home, and you’ll notice more of the sputtering sounds or “spitting” action of the fire when using them.  This is because regular logs are usually stored for a minimum of 6 months and up to one year in order to dry them out naturally.  Even though the logs are sitting, they aren’t really drying out completely, leading to a wetter wood for the customer.  It’s bad for your chimney, and even worse for your health.

Kiln dried firewood burns more efficiently, as a result, there are less of the smoky by-products that develop as a part of the burning process getting out.  With less combustibles being produced and spread throughout the air, the logs burn cleaner, which is especially important for those with allergies or problems with asthma.

When considering kiln dried logs versus regular firewood, it’s easy to understand it when you look at it like this:  the drier the wood, the cleaner the burn.  And that’s something that the whole family will appreciate, all winter long!

The Top Three Reasons You Should Use Kiln Dried Firewood in Stamford

There’s nothing quite as disappointing a trying to light a fire with logs that are simply too damp to catch a spark.  When you use kiln dried firewood in Stamford, you never have to worry about things like that.  No more smoky fires, no moist logs that won’t light and no more disappointment.  Read on for the top 3 reasons you should be start using kiln dried firewood today.

1.  Kiln dried firewood is more efficient.

Did you know that a single piece of kiln dried firewood actually creates more heat than 3 logs that have higher moisture content?  It’s true, as wet wood simply takes more time to dry out before it can start to fully burn and generate enough heat to keep you warm.  In the end, you’ll just end up having to burn more logs of regular wood during the season than you would need to with kiln dried logs.

2. Kiln dried firewood is safer.

Burn a regular log and burn a kiln dried fire log and see for yourself why our logs are safer.  The kiln drying process gets rid of all the moisture much faster than with regular logs, which can sit in warehouses or on lots for months.  This process doesn’t result in a dry log or safe log – you’ll just end up with more smoke, more combustibles and poor air quality.  Kiln n dried firewood burns safer and cleaner and is a win-win for your family and for the health of the chimney, which will stay cleaner over time.

3. Kiln dried firewood can be stored indoors and outdoors.

With kiln dried firewood, you can store an ample supply indoors, and keep the rest outside for long term storage.  That’s a great comfort for those that need easy access to firewood or who rely on their store as their main source of heat in the home.  You can store wet firewood indoors and run the risk of inviting pests and insects indoors.  Kiln dried firewood is easy to use, store and burn.

Kiln Dried Firewood in Fairfield: Does it Really Burn Differently?

Are you looking for a firewood option that is mold free, insect free and that simply burns better for your home?  If you’ve never shopped for firewood before, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the options, as there are now several different types of wood to choose from for home burning.  Kiln dried firewood is one option that has become increasingly popular among those looking for a more efficiently burning log that generates more heat without the unhealthy chemical products by other types of firewood.  But the big question remains:  does kiln dried firewood really burn differently than its peers?  The answer is, yes!

Kiln dried firewood in Fairwood really does burn differently and is a healthier option for your home.  You don’t have to worry about things like problems with termites and ants, and you won’t be introducing mold into your home.  Not only that, but kiln dried firewood is actually better for your chimney and fireplace too, as there’s less creosote to dirty things up.

Kiln dried wood is also easier to burn overall, as the dryer the wood is, the easier it is to burn.  Other types of firewood typically have fairly high moisture content, even by the time they get to your door from the processing facility, which makes them much tougher to burn.

Homeowners like how easy it is to start a fire with kiln dried wood, as there’s much less hassle involved when all you are trying to do is keep warm.  Plus, the logs are dryer and therefore lighter to carry from your storage area to the fireplace to stove, making it a smart option for the elderly or simply those that would prefer to deal with a lighter type of firewood.

It’s easy to see that kiln dried firewood really does burn differently than regular firewood, and is a healthier option for your home overall.  While there may be a slight different in cost, the benefits fair outweigh what you’ll get from high quality, kiln dried logs when you look at the how wonderfully they can heat your home.

How to Start Safer, Cleaner Fires with Kiln Dried Firewood in Bedford


Kiln dried firewood in Bedford can be a great tool for heating your home.  The key is to follow some important steps when building a fire in order to ensure proper burning.  Follow the helpful tips below from Vermont Good Wood and see for yourself how clean and bright your kiln dried log fires can be.

The first step before starting a fire with kiln dried logs is get rid of some of the old ash from past fires. if there is too much ash it will choke the fire down by not letting enough air to circulate. Also, please make sure that the damper is open.  This is a common mistake. An open damper is critcial, as it means that the smoke will be going up and out through chimney and not clogging up your living room.

Next, take some crumpled scratch paper and newspapers and placed it in the stove or under the grate in the fireplace.  It can also be helpful to include some kindling on top, as this can really speed up your fire time.  Next, light it up!  Use your lighter or long match to light the newspaper.  It should progress and move along to the kindling, lighting that and the logs above as well.

While the fire is developing, make sure that it isn’t producing overly thick, black or grayish smoke.  The darker the smoke, the higher the levels of carbon dioxide that are being produced.  This is a sign that the fire isn’t getting enough oxygen. To fix it move the logs around a bit to make sure air circulates. You’ll always get a little smoke at first as the fire heats up so have a little patience.

Remember that you should never leave a fire, no matter what type of logs you are using, attended.  If there are children present, make sure that an adult monitors the fire at all times and that you teach proper fire safety. The best way to keep a fire safe is to have a fireplace screen which will keep any sparks in the fireplace and not in the room.

The key to any great fire is plenty of air circulation and really dry firewood That’s why we recommend kiln dried firewood.

If you want to see a great fire being built step by step visit

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Could Your Family Benefit from Clean Burning Kiln Dried Firewood in Wilton?

Are you looking for a healthier firewood option for you family?  Does someone in your home suffer from allergies or mild asthma?  You may want to consider clean burning, kiln dried firewood in Wilton.  Kiln dried logs don’t contain as much moisture as regular logs, and able to burn at a hotter and more energy rate.  The result is a much cleaner burn that won’t fill your home with smoky, residue and chemical by-products like creosote buildup in your chimney and fireplace.

Another way that kiln dried firewood could benefit your family is to help lower your bills.  If you’ve been trying to stop using an efficient space heater or electrical heaters in your home and have recently installed a new, energy maximizing stove, then it’s smart to start out with a clean burning product.  That way, you won’t be gunking up your new investment with a wetter log that burns up smokier and much dirtier than other types o treated firewood.

Over time, households will also find that they go through less kiln dried firewood throughout the season, as it takes several wetter, regular logs to create the heat and energy produced by a single kiln dried log.  That means fewer bundles of wood delivered each year, and less to store at your residence.

For those that are looking for the cleanest option when it comes to home storage of firewood, kiln dried wood is the clear winner.  Firewood that has been kiln dried doesn’t have the environment needed for insects and mold to develop like regular wood does.  Instead, you get a cleaner, safer type of firewood that can be stored anywhere, even indoors, without the risk of insects getting into your home as a result.

When it comes to which type of firewood to choose for your home, the answer is clear.  Cleaner burning, brighter burning kiln dried firewood is the smart choice for heating your home.  See what a difference it can make for your home and family today!