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Fairfield CT and Westchester NY Counties!

Where to Turn When You Need Affordable Kiln Dried Firewood in New York

Are you looking for affordable kiln dried firewood in New York that will keep your home heated safely throughout the cold winter months?  We offer kiln dried firewood, delivered fast to your door, that is produced with care at our local facilities.  At Vermont Good Wood, you don’t get cheap seasoned firewood or untreated logs that have been sitting around in moist conditions for months on end.  Instead, we only sell our amazing kiln dried firewood that is 100% dry, 100% bug free and 100% safe for your family.

There are plenty of cold months and opportunities in New York area for lighting a warm, cozy fire to keep your living space warm.  When you depend on your fireplace or stove to heat your home and don’t have another heat source to rely on, it’s important to use firewood that is safe to use and store in the home.  Kiln dried firewood burns safer than regular firewood and you never have to worry about wet firewood rotting, mold developing or insects burrowing in and entering your home.  When you choose Vermont Good Wood for your home, you’ll be enjoying safe, brightly burning fires all season long that will heat your home safely and efficiently.  As an added benefit, your logs will always be bug free as well, thanks to our extremely high drying temperatures.

At Vermont Good Wood, our focus is on consistency and excellent products, which is why you can depend on our kiln dried firewood for your home.  In today’s market, you can’t just buy firewood from any source and expect the quality to be the same.  You never know how long regular firewood has been sitting in damp areas, what types of methods have been used to season it or even what kind of quality you are getting.  With our kiln dried firewood, however, you can always expect high quality burning logs that are consistent in quality, safe to burn and always dry and ready to burn when you need them.