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Kiln Dried Firewood in Fairfield: Does it Really Burn Differently?

Are you looking for a firewood option that is mold free, insect free and that simply burns better for your home?  If you’ve never shopped for firewood before, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the options, as there are now several different types of wood to choose from for home burning.  Kiln dried firewood is one option that has become increasingly popular among those looking for a more efficiently burning log that generates more heat without the unhealthy chemical products by other types of firewood.  But the big question remains:  does kiln dried firewood really burn differently than its peers?  The answer is, yes!

Kiln dried firewood in Fairwood really does burn differently and is a healthier option for your home.  You don’t have to worry about things like problems with termites and ants, and you won’t be introducing mold into your home.  Not only that, but kiln dried firewood is actually better for your chimney and fireplace too, as there’s less creosote to dirty things up.

Kiln dried wood is also easier to burn overall, as the dryer the wood is, the easier it is to burn.  Other types of firewood typically have fairly high moisture content, even by the time they get to your door from the processing facility, which makes them much tougher to burn.

Homeowners like how easy it is to start a fire with kiln dried wood, as there’s much less hassle involved when all you are trying to do is keep warm.  Plus, the logs are dryer and therefore lighter to carry from your storage area to the fireplace to stove, making it a smart option for the elderly or simply those that would prefer to deal with a lighter type of firewood.

It’s easy to see that kiln dried firewood really does burn differently than regular firewood, and is a healthier option for your home overall.  While there may be a slight different in cost, the benefits fair outweigh what you’ll get from high quality, kiln dried logs when you look at the how wonderfully they can heat your home.