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How to Start Safer, Cleaner Fires with Kiln Dried Firewood in Bedford


Kiln dried firewood in Bedford can be a great tool for heating your home.  The key is to follow some important steps when building a fire in order to ensure proper burning.  Follow the helpful tips below from Vermont Good Wood and see for yourself how clean and bright your kiln dried log fires can be.

The first step before starting a fire with kiln dried logs is get rid of some of the old ash from past fires. if there is too much ash it will choke the fire down by not letting enough air to circulate. Also, please make sure that the damper is open.  This is a common mistake. An open damper is critcial, as it means that the smoke will be going up and out through chimney and not clogging up your living room.

Next, take some crumpled scratch paper and newspapers and placed it in the stove or under the grate in the fireplace.  It can also be helpful to include some kindling on top, as this can really speed up your fire time.  Next, light it up!  Use your lighter or long match to light the newspaper.  It should progress and move along to the kindling, lighting that and the logs above as well.

While the fire is developing, make sure that it isn’t producing overly thick, black or grayish smoke.  The darker the smoke, the higher the levels of carbon dioxide that are being produced.  This is a sign that the fire isn’t getting enough oxygen. To fix it move the logs around a bit to make sure air circulates. You’ll always get a little smoke at first as the fire heats up so have a little patience.

Remember that you should never leave a fire, no matter what type of logs you are using, attended.  If there are children present, make sure that an adult monitors the fire at all times and that you teach proper fire safety. The best way to keep a fire safe is to have a fireplace screen which will keep any sparks in the fireplace and not in the room.

The key to any great fire is plenty of air circulation and really dry firewood That’s why we recommend kiln dried firewood.

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