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The Top Three Reasons You Should Use Kiln Dried Firewood in Stamford

There’s nothing quite as disappointing a trying to light a fire with logs that are simply too damp to catch a spark.  When you use kiln dried firewood in Stamford, you never have to worry about things like that.  No more smoky fires, no moist logs that won’t light and no more disappointment.  Read on for the top 3 reasons you should be start using kiln dried firewood today.

1.  Kiln dried firewood is more efficient.

Did you know that a single piece of kiln dried firewood actually creates more heat than 3 logs that have higher moisture content?  It’s true, as wet wood simply takes more time to dry out before it can start to fully burn and generate enough heat to keep you warm.  In the end, you’ll just end up having to burn more logs of regular wood during the season than you would need to with kiln dried logs.

2. Kiln dried firewood is safer.

Burn a regular log and burn a kiln dried fire log and see for yourself why our logs are safer.  The kiln drying process gets rid of all the moisture much faster than with regular logs, which can sit in warehouses or on lots for months.  This process doesn’t result in a dry log or safe log – you’ll just end up with more smoke, more combustibles and poor air quality.  Kiln n dried firewood burns safer and cleaner and is a win-win for your family and for the health of the chimney, which will stay cleaner over time.

3. Kiln dried firewood can be stored indoors and outdoors.

With kiln dried firewood, you can store an ample supply indoors, and keep the rest outside for long term storage.  That’s a great comfort for those that need easy access to firewood or who rely on their store as their main source of heat in the home.  You can store wet firewood indoors and run the risk of inviting pests and insects indoors.  Kiln dried firewood is easy to use, store and burn.