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Could Your Family Benefit from Clean Burning Kiln Dried Firewood in Wilton?

Are you looking for a healthier firewood option for you family?  Does someone in your home suffer from allergies or mild asthma?  You may want to consider clean burning, kiln dried firewood in Wilton.  Kiln dried logs don’t contain as much moisture as regular logs, and able to burn at a hotter and more energy rate.  The result is a much cleaner burn that won’t fill your home with smoky, residue and chemical by-products like creosote buildup in your chimney and fireplace.

Another way that kiln dried firewood could benefit your family is to help lower your bills.  If you’ve been trying to stop using an efficient space heater or electrical heaters in your home and have recently installed a new, energy maximizing stove, then it’s smart to start out with a clean burning product.  That way, you won’t be gunking up your new investment with a wetter log that burns up smokier and much dirtier than other types o treated firewood.

Over time, households will also find that they go through less kiln dried firewood throughout the season, as it takes several wetter, regular logs to create the heat and energy produced by a single kiln dried log.  That means fewer bundles of wood delivered each year, and less to store at your residence.

For those that are looking for the cleanest option when it comes to home storage of firewood, kiln dried wood is the clear winner.  Firewood that has been kiln dried doesn’t have the environment needed for insects and mold to develop like regular wood does.  Instead, you get a cleaner, safer type of firewood that can be stored anywhere, even indoors, without the risk of insects getting into your home as a result.

When it comes to which type of firewood to choose for your home, the answer is clear.  Cleaner burning, brighter burning kiln dried firewood is the smart choice for heating your home.  See what a difference it can make for your home and family today!