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The Real Difference Between Regular Firewood and Kiln Dried Firewood in White Plains

We hear similar questions about our products all the time, including questions from those that really want to know if there is a difference between regular firewood and kiln dried firewood in White Plains, or if it’s just a fad.  Some even wonder if it’s just a new product designed to trick people into paying more for firewood!  Here at Vermont Good Wood, we have to chuckle at these questions, because they make us realize that people still don’t really understand the differences between kiln dried and traditional firewood that is dried outdoors.  Luckily, the experts are here with some real answers about kiln dried firewood and can help homeowners see why our products truly are different than the rest.

The biggest issue to consider when looking at regular firewood versus kiln dried types is how efficiently your chimney performs when it is building burning the logs.  Regular firewood tends to be much smokier when it’s burning in your fireplace at home, and you’ll notice more of the sputtering sounds or “spitting” action of the fire when using them.  This is because regular logs are usually stored for a minimum of 6 months and up to one year in order to dry them out naturally.  Even though the logs are sitting, they aren’t really drying out completely, leading to a wetter wood for the customer.  It’s bad for your chimney, and even worse for your health.

Kiln dried firewood burns more efficiently, as a result, there are less of the smoky by-products that develop as a part of the burning process getting out.  With less combustibles being produced and spread throughout the air, the logs burn cleaner, which is especially important for those with allergies or problems with asthma.

When considering kiln dried logs versus regular firewood, it’s easy to understand it when you look at it like this:  the drier the wood, the cleaner the burn.  And that’s something that the whole family will appreciate, all winter long!