Vermont Good Wood

Proudly Serves
Fairfield CT and Westchester NY Counties!

The Environment

First and foremost, wood is a renewable resource. We replant trees to replace those that are cut. Those new trees live a long life, cleansing the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and other impurities. It is our job to make sure this cycle of renewal continues.


As part of our effort, Vermont Good Wood strictly follows the Sustainable Forest Initiative. That means all of our Vermont hardwood comes from forests that are managed by State Foresters who set specific guidelines for harvesting and replanting. These Foresters have one goal: to protect the forests so they will remain a vital and sustainable part of what is Vermont.

Vermont Hills

Our kiln drying process uses the bi-products of our logging and milling operations (green wood chips and bark) to fire up the kilns and dry the firewood. In this way, we are recycling a renewable resource in the process of drying Vermont Good Wood.

And because Vermont Good Wood has only 10%-15% moisture content, heat value is increased by 25% (about  million BTUs per cord) over greener wood. The reason for the increased heat output? The fire isn’t wasting energy to burn out excess moisture.


Bottom Line: Feel Good About Burning Vermont Good Wood And Enjoy Yourself!