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Firewood Old Greenwich

Vermont Good Wood In Riverside and Old Greenwich

Folks in Riverside and Old Greenwich have a real appreciation for quality…in their schools, neighborhoods, clubs, simply everything.

That’s probably why Vermont Good Wood is the leading source of quality kiln dried firewood in Riverside and Old Greenwich with 100’s of customers in each community.

We started Vermont Good Wood in this area, having grown up in both Riverside and Old Greenwich. We found that decent firewood simply didn’t exist in either town and decided to find a solution that would meet the high standards that folks expected but were just not getting.

We started by talking to lots of folks in Riverside and Old Greenwich. We asked them what type of experience they would appreciate when it came to buying firewood and having fires. Built Vermont Good Wood from the ground up based on the response we got from folks in these communities.

Obviously it starts with good dry clean wood so we created a way to tap into the best kiln operations available and continue to improve and expand these operations every year.

But it goes beyond product alone. Folks in Riverside and Old Greenwich also wanted a very high degree of service…quick, responsive, polite, tidy. So we went out and hired a team that cared and did their job with pride.

Vermont Good Wood and Riverside and Old Greenwich…a perfect match. Try us out and we’re sure you too will appreciated the product and level of service we delivery.