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Westport is a very artistic and creative community. We’ve come to understand how many Westport natives love unique and deep experiences.

Perhaps that’s one reason Vermont Good Wood’s Kiln Dried White Birch is so popular in Westport. You see, o a couple of seasons ago an article was written in a local Westport blog about the folk lore surrounding White Birch. As the story goes White Birch is often burned in Scandinavian countries on special occasions…holidays, family gatherings, birthdays and anniversaries. Once the fire gets going folks would peel a piece of White Birch bark off like paper and write a wish. They would then throw it if the fire and watch the puff of flames coming off the bark.

Oh, results may vary but we have found many Westport families ordering White Birch again and again. We can only imaging there are a lot of happy folks in Westport.

Let us add to your happy memories around the fireplace and at special occasions. Give Vermont Good Wood a call and we’ll set you up so you can create a new family tradtion.