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Throughout our history, people have gathered around fire. Fires were a place our ancestors shared meals, told stories, and grew closer as a community. Today, fires offer a reprieve from modern-day life and a return to our primal roots. Whether it is a relaxing fire with your significant other on a cold winter night, or a summer bonfire with the kids and a bag of marshmallows, Vermont Good Wood has you covered with the finest firewood available and quick, professional delivery.

Our premium firewood is sustainably harvested from forests in New England and kiln dried to a moisture content between 8% and 12%, creating a safer, cleaner, and more energy efficient firewood. We carefully select and moisture-test our wood to ensure a consistent quality every time. With Vermont Good Wood you have peace of mind that your wood will burn with ease and is free of any environmentally harmful invasive species that can accompany seasoned wood.

You may not build a fire every day, but when you do, you want it to live up to your expectations. There's a reason many of the finest residences in Fairfield, CT & Westchester, NY Counties chop with us. Try Vermont Good Wood and see the difference.

Vermont Good Wood

  • Premium kiln dried firewood.
  • Easier to start and maintain a fire.
  • Burns hotter, longer, and cleaner with less smoke.
  • USDA certified. No harmful bugs, pests, or diseases.
  • Complimentary, professional delivery service.
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Hardwood Mix & 100% White Birch

We offer two varieties of sustainably sourced kiln dried firewood. Our Hardwood Mix is a balanced mix of ash, beech, cherry, maple, oak and white birch species. Hardwood Mix is a versatile firewood blend, producing a warm, inviting, and long-lasting fire that is perfect for every occasion. Our White Birch is 100% white birch species. White Birch produces a brighter flame and sweeter aroma that is perfect for those in search of a unique fire experience. The white and gray frayed bark looks beautiful whether the fire is burning or stacked neatly in your fireplace or storage rack.

Quest For Good Wood

We at Vermont Good Wood take great pleasure in enjoying a bright, warm, hassle-free fire. In the late 2000's, after years of frustration with the quality of wood and service provided by local firewood purveyors, our founder Grant embarked on a journey to find a better began our quest for Good Wood. At the time, local firewood offerings consisted only of seasoned or green wood, and fires typically required constant poking to maintain. To make matters worse, these fires often produced more smoke than flame, leading to smoky houses and watery eyes. Grant's quest for Good Wood led him to the forests of Vermont, where he met a small sawmill operator who was drying local, sustainably-sourced hardwoods in large kiln ovens and providing high-quality, low moisture-content firewood to homeowners, ski resorts and restaurants across Vermont. Grant took some of this firewood home to try for himself, and as it turned out, the wood was indeed very, very Good Wood - easy to start with none of the usual smoking, and it took just a few logs for a bright, steady-burning fire. It was a "eureka moment" for Grant, and from there, he decided to share his discovery with others who would appreciate its unmatched quality and ease of use. Thus, Vermont Good Wood was born.

We have been working with the same firewood suppliers since the founding of Vermont Good Wood in 2008, and today we believe we offer the highest quality kiln-dried firewood available in Fairfield County CT & Westchester County NY, as well as unsurpassed customer service. We look forward to welcoming you into the Vermont Good Wood family. We hope you will give it a try.